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Established in 1990, predominantly specialising in the public utility sector and civil engineering industry, Conroy’s group has followed a structured growth plan, while retaining many of their original clients and work ethos.

Conroy’s group is fully committed to ensuring it exceeds all legislation regarding Health and Safety and environmental guidelines and can supply full HSEQ working systems, along with experienced and highly qualified supervision and consultancy as required.
Conroy’s Group are unrivalled nationally with innovative solutions - offering a fleet of suction excavators (including the United Kingdom’s first unit) - and more traditional no dig technology alike including directional drilling, pipe busting & slip lining.

We are currently utilising a radical new form of recycling unit developed in the USA and Germany using soil stabilisation and recycling systems for maximum returns and carbon footprint reduction.
ISO9001-08  •  ISO14001   Accredited  •  Achilles Registered & Verified