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Conroy Developments takes its responsibility to the environment seriously and as such have developed this policy and its associated procedures to ensure that their activities do not have a detrimental effect on the environment now or in the future.

It is Conroy Developments Policy to:

• Manage the company wherever possible in a way that miminises the environmental impact of its activities and conserve natural resources

• Comply with all currently applicable statutory and legislative requirements

• Establish and ensure compliance with company standards practices to meet legislative requirements, as a minimum
• Liaise with its clients and suppliers on potential environmental issues and work with them to address concerns, so far as project parameters allow

• Provide sufficient environmental information, instruction, training and supervision required

• Actively reduce the risk to the environment for all work activities

• Conserve energy wherever possible by miminising consumption and maximising efficiency

• Establish suitable procedures and support systems that facilitate compliance with legislative requirements and best practice relating to environmental issues

• Recognise and encourage the contribution employees might make towards environmental performance improvement

• Strive for continual improvement in environmental standards and performance

• Regularly review and update environmental objects and targets