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In 2005, it was estimated that the utilities sector generated 4.8 million tonnes of trench excavation waste with over 50% of this going to landfill.

Since this, there has been a significant drive to reduce this quantity going to landfill by half. This commitment has been shown with the Utility Industry Agreement being written and signed by all the major Utility Companies along with their Contractors. Conroys commitment to this was to develop the UK;s first mobile recycling unit and latterly open our first recycle centre in Harts Farm Way Havant  near Portsmouth.

Our facility in Havant can offer tipping of Utility waste for recycling from which we offer the various following recycled products

  • SMR   (hydraulically bound material for the
    reinstatement of trench excavations)
  • Finefill (suitable for pipe surround)
  • 50mm Crushed Concrete  
  • Top Soil
  • Sand
  • CBEM3  (Flowable Backfill Material )
  • Pea Shingle
  • Ballast
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