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When clients identify the need to employ our organisation, they, through experience know that we as a company take the health, safety and welfare of our employees and others who may be affected by our work activities very seriously.

Additionally, they know the company takes its responsibility to the environment seriously and as such have developed a policy and procedures to ensure that our activities do not have a detrimental effect on the environment now or in the future.

In order to maintain our good reputation and our client’s confidence we as a company have gone to great lengths to ensure our employees are fully competent to implement the health, safety and environmental duties placed upon them.
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Operative Selection
Due to the nature of our work activities, the employees selected for suction excavator operation are those who have previously worked in the utility sector, (gas, electric, water and telecomms etc).  All potential employees are required to have proven / checkable history of working in utility services.

General Operations
All our operatives are fully inducted with regards to health, safety and environmental matters.
All our operatives have been fully trained to recognised national standards with regards to gas, water, electric and other national  / client requirements.

Suction Excavator OperationsAll operatives undertake extensive training that lasts over a 6-month period. The initial training involves a 4-day extensive programme in Germany under a specialist tutor employed by the manufacturer of our suction excavators.
Upon return to the UK our employees are placed with existing experienced operatives and spend 6months being coached and developed by them on the safe and efficient operation of the suction excavators.  This allows all our employees to gain the required knowledge and experience prior to them using any of our suction excavators for the first time.

After the initial training and 6-months of coaching/development, we will then undertake an evaluation of the employee with regards to his/her capability in operating the suction excavator.  This evaluation is undertaken using the specialist guidance provided by the manufacturer. Only then will one of our employees be allowed to operate any of our suction excavators.