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The Conroy’s Group is fully committed to ensuring it exceeds legislative, client and other stakeholder’s requirements with regards to Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

The Conroy Group Policy:

Health and Safety


The risk assessment process is fundamental in The Conroy Group securing implementation of the Policy and subsequent arrangements within the policy. The detailed risk assessment process undertaken by the organisation has allowed for suitable and sufficient safe systems of work to be developed for all our work activities.
All Health, Safety and Environmental documentation is freely available to clients in paper and electronic formats to assist clients in assessing our competence within this field and / or we would be more than happy in presenting details of how we manage Health, Safety and Environmental requirements by way of a formal presentation.
Additionally, to ensure the organisation remains a leader in health, safety and environmental performance within the industry, the organisation has invested heavily in these areas and as a result has recently purchased the UK’s first suction excavators. The use of these excavators has assisted us in ensuring that our commitment and performance far exceeds that of many other organisation's within the industry.
Some of the benefits our organisation and our client’s organisation's have realised from the use of suction excavators are detailed below:


· Zero Underground Services Strikes
· Reductions in Manual Handling Injuries,
· Reduction in Slips, Trips, Falls
· Noise levels far below those of conventional
  Plant and equipment used for this operation
· Public Safety in greatly increased due to smaller 
  excavations and the reduction of time spent on site, 
  reduced plant and equipment on-site, elimination of
  excavated material within work area.


  Hand Arm Vibration all but eliminated with the vast
  reduction in using conventional plant and equipment
· Noise levels of suction excavator are well below that of
  conventional plant and equipment associated with this
  type of work activity. 
· As all excavated material is removed from excavation
  directly into suction excavator via a sealed unit, the risk
  of employees inhaling dust normally associated with
  excavation activity is eliminated.


· Excavations size is greatly reduced, leading to lesser
  environmental impact and a reduction in excavated
  material.  This additionally means less material for landfill.
· Waste can be managed through operation of suction
  excavator allowing separation of hazardous and non-
  hazardous waste.
· Liquid Waste can be easily removed through excavator
  operation, allowing suitable prevention of any pollution to
  land / watercourses.

Due to sealed suction system all dust is captured at source and transferred to excavator reducing the risk of nuisance to the public and others.